Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soccer: Man U vs Chelsea

So if you follow soccer, I'm sure that you've heard about this game, but I'll go over some of the highlights for everyone. Basically, Nani and Rooney were throwing some action at Chelsea and Rooney hit a laser in the 29th. Goal. 1-0, Man U. Halftime comes along with Chelsea still trailing. Then, 9 minutes after the halftime whistle, the newly signed Luiz hit another laser, this time for Chelsea. Goal in the 54th. 1-1. Play continued to go back and forth for the next 20 or so minutes until a mistake in the Man U box led to a PK. Lampard took the rip into the center of the net and van der Saar didn't stand a chance, 78th minute goal. 2-1, Chelsea. Play continued to live up to the EPL hype but no other goals were scored. The only other really notable things were Drogba's dominance on the ball after Chelsea's second goal, and Vidic picked up a red because of frustration mostly.