Saturday, February 12, 2011

Soccer update #1: Man U vs Man City

If you watch Sportscenter every night like I do, then you're sure to see Wayne Rooney's goal on it tonight. He had one of the just purest bikes right into the upper-V that I've seen in a while. It was also for the go-ahead goal so everyone was just going nuts. Rooney has been somewhat quiet for a while and who knows if he will start getting his shine back. Meanwhile, Nani, another beast on Man U who played on Portugal in the World Cup, is starting to get his foot in the door as a premier footballer. Maybe he will be on the cover of the next FIFA, who knows.
Also, if you guys follow soccer, I'm sure you've heard that Torres is going to Chelsea. Also, if you saw the game last week, you probably saw that Liverpool beat Chelsea 1-0. I lol'd.

Song of the Day/Week/Whatever, #7

Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, I just didn't have time to stick one up. I'm pretty sure this song was released yesterday (or the day before) but definitely check it out. A buddy of mine has been listening to these guys for a while now and told me to check it out. So I'm passing the word on and here it is: