Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NBA Playoffs and a quick song.

I'd love to see the Thunder and the Bulls in the championship. The Durant/Westbrook combo vs Mr. MVP Derrick Rose would just be too exciting. The Heat and Lakers are also very prime contenders, and are probably the two teams that seem to "need" this years championship. It could be Phil Jackson's last season, and another 3-peat for him would make a Hall of Fame coach even more special. Kobe wants to match Jordan. The Heatles are extremely hungry. Who will win it? I guess we just have to wait and see how everything pans out.

And for the song, some relatively new Mac Miller-

Monday, April 11, 2011

NBA and the Masters

Just going to post some NBA post-season predictions along with some thoughts on the Masters.

Western Conference Finals- Lakers over Spurs in 6 (Even though I know seedings aren't set right now)
Wild card- Thunder. Who knows how they will pan out when playoffs come along. They closed out as best as possible against the Lakers last night, lets see if they can carry it over.
Eastern Conference Finals- Bulls over Heat in 7.
I think this one is pretty set in stone, the Celtics seem like they are crumbling a bit since the trade and whatnot and Rondo has just not been playing up to par. If Rondo has a good game, and they are playing defense like they were pre-Allstar break (even though no Perkins now), then the C's are pretty unbeatable.

Now for the Masters: I just wish Tiger had won this one. I want to see him hop back up and start dominating again. After the front 9 yesterday, he looked like he had his old swag back, and everyone was getting pumped. Although no one will really complain about par-ing the back 9 of Augusta, we all know Tiger could have taken it home.

And on a final note, D Rose for MVP. Yep.